SproutCore Mentoring

I offer SproutCore and Application mentoring for companies and individual developers. I've been using SproutCore since 2008, before it even hit version 0.9. Some of the first SC screencasts, to get people started, were mine. I've worked on, and mentored many applications ranging from small 1 screen apps, to very large apps with dozens of modules and many screens.

Who would benefit from mentoring?

If you would like to have an experienced pair of eyes look over your code, or talk with someone who has knowledge of how the SproutCore internals work.

If your just getting started with SproutCore, or you would like to expand into the more advanced features.

What is mentoring?

Haven't you ever wished that you had someone on your team who could answer the tricky questions about how things really happen or what the best approach might be?
To have someone who has worked on many different apps, to bounce ideas off?

I also offer code review, to make sure that you are always taking the best approach, not leading yourself in circles and to catch bad design before it's too late to change.

Sounds Great!

Yup, it is! I've worked with many developers who have saved many hours of frustration, and in turn saved much more than my cost.

I have different offers for all types of developers, from teams to freelancers.

Contact me at mentoring@geoffreyd.me and we'll chat about how I can best help.